How to Get SSL Certificate

After placing an order from Login to your account and select the service.

It will show ==> Awaiting Configuration 

Now let's configure it and get the SSL certificate files.

Click on "Configure Now" ==> Fill the correct details to request CSR files ( SSL request file ). Select "New Order" and Server type from the dropdown. Click on "Generate CSR".

Now fill the correct details with the domain name and submit it.

Note - the common name should be the name of domain without www.

Once CSR request is done. Refresh the page and do the next domain ownership verification process.  

Methods ==> Select any one.

http - select if you do not have SSL install and will add a new order.
https - If you already have valid SSL and it's going to expire shortly.
DNS - If you are having domain DNS control.
Email - If you are having access.

Let's do the process using a simple method i.e. file-based verification. Select "HTTP" from the dropdown and submit.

Reload the page if required. 

Now, Lets login to Hosting Panel ( cPanel in my case ) and do the needful as required.

1 ) First, unhide hidden files and directory settings from the right top setting option.

2 ) As per HASH File details, Create a directory in public folder. Note - ( dot will be before directory name i.e. .well-know) 

3 ) Folder inside - pki-validation 

4 ) File with said name and content on it 

5 ) Now, wait for 10 to 15 min and refresh the page. The system will also send an email once SSL ( all files are ready to copy from members panel ). 

You successfully received your SSL certificate. You will get 3 main files i.e.

1 ) CRT file ( main certificate file )
2 ) Chain file ( all required/supported files for CA )
3 ) The private key ( main key file to validate the SSL certificate ). The private key will show when you click on the "Get Private Key" Button.

You can also watch our video -

Thank you !!