cPanel is a UNIX-based web hosting control panel software.

Here is guide for you to install an SSL certificate on a cPanel/WHM. Now this installation process tends to vary based on the different versions of cPanel. Here’s a common installation process of SSL on cPanel/WHM.

Step 1: Download and Extract SSL

  • Download your SSL certificate from the *.zip file received in your mailbox. Extract these files to your server directory where you normally keep your certificates.
  • This *.zip file contains your SSL certificate, Intermediate certificate, certificate bundle and other important documents.

Step 2: Install Certificate

  • Login to your cPanel with correct UserID and Password.
  • Click on the SSL Manager in cPanel (SSL Manager will allow users to generate certificate, certificate signing request (CSR) and keys).
  • When you will click on SSL manager you will see a dialog box with 3 textboxes. It will look like this:
    • Open your certificate ( main file ) in notepad or other text editor and copy all content. In the first box paste all the content of your certificate. Make sure you do include the ‘BEGIN’ and ‘END’ tags.
    • In the middle text box, you have to add the correct private key that was generated by CSR (Certificate Signing Request).
    • You need to copy and paste your private key manually which may be in your account or used while creating CSR file.
    • Open your intermediate certificate using notepad or another text editor, copy all the content and paste it in the bottom text box.
    • Click Install Certificate. Done !!

Here I am putting 2 links to verify SSL installed successfully or not -    (  Enter your domain and it will show you expiry date and other details if any error )    ( This will show what is main reason for not showing https ( insecure ) even after adding SSL certificate. 

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